Professional Licensure Services, inc.

Our Services

Our services vary from acting as a courier to providing complete assistance in the preparation and submittal of the necessary paperwork and supporting documents to obtain licensure. Our primary focus is assisting with the Construction Industry Licensing Board and the Electrical Contractors Licensing Board.

And many more!

The Steps of Our Services:

1. Conduct a telephone interview with the client to gather as much information concerning the proposed company that the client wishes to qualify.

2. Prepare a draft of the Initial Licensure Application based on the information obtained in the interview.

3. Prepare a detailed Checklist of items needed to complete the Initial Licensure Application.

4. We email the client the draft Initial License Application and the Checklist along with the credit report application and any other necessary documentation.

5. The Client will send the requested documentation back to us and we will review the Initial Licensure Application and all supporting documentation.

6. Once we are satisfied that the Initial Licensure Application package is complete, we then hand deliver the package to the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR). We will obtain a date stamped receipt to document the delivery date.

7. We will then monitor the application package as it moves thru DBPR's system. If any problems occur, we will intervene to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

8. If no problems occur, then the license should be issued in 30 days or less. Currently, the State is processing the majority of the applications it receives and is issuing the licenses in about 5 to 10 days.

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A large portion of applications are denied by the State for various reasons.
Most of our applicants get through with perfectly filled out form in connection with your work history.